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2018 員工感謝日 - 種植錦囊

為推動工作間相互欣賞和感謝的氣氛,正向工作間及員工發展委員會(PWSD 委員會)擬訂於20181214日(星期五)為大學本年度的員工感謝日。





2018 Staff Appreciation Day - Care Tips

To promote an atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude at the workplace, the Committee on Positive Workplace and Staff Development (the PWSD Committee) is pleased to announce that December 14, 2018 (Friday) will be designated as the annual ‘Staff Appreciation Day’ (renamed from ‘Staff Thankful Day’) of the University.

A Staff Appreciation Party will be hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Rocky Tuan, at 4:30p.m. on the same day, at the Ho Sin Hang Hall, S. H. Ho College.  Colleagues are welcomed to join the party to enjoy the performances, lucky draw and refreshments.  It will be a good opportunity for us to get together and say thanks to each other!  (For those who have registered for the party, please arrive at the venue on time.)

As in previous years, the PWSD Committee will sponsor small gifts, the ‘air plants’, for distribution to colleagues as a token of appreciation.  This year, ‘air plants’ will be distributed to CUHK staff at designated locations in the morning and during lunchtime on the day.  Details on the distribution arrangement are set out in the poster below.

Air plants grow easily.  With care and appreciation, flowers will bloom.  The same applies to the workplace too.  A simple gesture to express appreciation and show gratitude will promote positive behaviours and performance.  Let us work together to cultivate a culture of thankfulness and appreciation at the workplace! 








除了給予適當水份和光線,同事謹記要多讚賞空氣鳳梨,也可同時藉此練習保持正面的心情:「有你的關懷和讚賞,我定會健康快樂地成長! 」



Planting tips for Air Plant:

 A rule of thumb: Water a tillandsia (空氣鳳梨) once a day during dry seasons and 2-3 times a week during humid seasons. Set it out to dry in an area with good air circulation after watering.

Lighting:              Grow it indoors in bright, filtered light or outdoors in partial or dappled shade.


1.Make sure you keep it dry after watering as it will rot if it is waterlogged.

2.The plant has tiny vessels in their leaves known as trichomes, which capture moisture and nutrients in the air. Don’t transplant it into soil and water.

Apart from keeping adequate lighting and watering, you say some encouraging and positive words to the air plant every day. It would keep you stay positive! Remember: Show me your Care and Appreciation and I’ll grow healthily and happily!

Sponsored by Committee on Positive Workplace and Staff Development (PWSD)