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员工感谢日 Staff Appreciation Day 2023


December 15, 2023 is the CUHK’s Staff Appreciation Day 2023. As in the past years, the Committee on Positive Workplace and Staff Development (PWSD) will sponsor a small thankful gift for all full-time colleagues. The gifts will be distributed to colleagues via their reporting departments/ units in early December.


员工感谢日 2023


今年的员工感谢小礼物是一条手机挂绳,上面印有“Grateful Heart, Beyond Words”的字句。单单说出或听到「谢谢」已让人喜悦,如果能将这份谢意以具体的行动表达出来,更能为我们每天的生活添上亮光。有了这手机挂绳,我们可以解放双手,用行动向同事表达关怀及帮助,也可以简单为他们递上一杯暖茶、一些小点心。这些小举动可能比言语更能表达我们的感谢之情!

This year, our staff thankful gift is a phone strap which carries a message of “Grateful Heart, Beyond Words”. Whilst saying and hearing “thank you” is already wonderful to both ends, putting it into practice will brighten up our days further. With the phone strap, we can free our hands and extend our care and assistance to colleagues in action. Daily little acts as simple as serving our colleagues tea and snacks may express our appreciation more than words!

员工感谢日 2023



As colleagues are aware, the University organizes its biennial Positive Workplace Service Awards this year. Colleagues are most welcomed to click here to view the highlights of the entries and stay tuned for the award presentation ceremony scheduled for the Staff Appreciation Day (December 15, 2023).

员工感谢日 2023