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"Human Resources Office - People focused. Make a difference."

In pursuit of the humanist tradition of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the focus of our office is always 'people'. We cherish each and every staff member as the lifeblood of the University as it thrives on challenges. In strategic partnership with Faculties and Units, we strive for an empowered workforce in furthering the University's goals.

Reporting to the Vice-Chancellor via Vice-President (Administration), the Human Resources Office is responsible for a wide range of personnel functions in the University, which are as follows:

  1. Review the manpower needs of the University and develop manpower policies to meet the needs for the accomplishment of the University's mission;
  2. Develop and maintain a database on University manpower resources;
  3. Recruit, and develop strategies to recruit, all grades of quality teaching and non-teaching staff for the University;
  4. Formulate, manage and review competitive benefits and compensation schemes;
  5. Design and monitor staff appraisal schemes, manage job performance and conduct assessments therefor;
  6. Devise and implement policies and administrative procedures to encourage staff training and development activities and schemes to encourage University employees to realise their full potential to function at the highest possible level;
  7. Provide effective communication between the management and University employees to enhance staff relations; and
  8. Keep abreast of the development in the labour market with a view to maintaining dynamic personnel policies and practices of the University.

"I hope that we won’t see ourselves only as a service department which completes the job as assigned, but as an integral part in the University’s structure which proactively responds to the University’s mission and agenda, or even to the development objectives of different Faculties."

Ms. Lee Shun-king Corinna, Director of Human Resources