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Amin Aminzadeh Gohari

Vice-Chancellor Associate Professor

Department of Information Engineering

I am thrilled at the excellent opportunity to collaborate not only with leading researchers within my field of research but also with experts in other fields. Some of my best and longtime collaborators are from here. I hope that further collaboration will allow us to develop new ideas, tools, and techniques needed to tackle some of the most fundamental open problems in the science of information.

Zhong Li

Vice-Chancellor Assistant Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

I'm excited to begin a new chapter of my academic career at CUHK, where world-class engineering and medical education and research take place. I’ve had opportunities of meeting future colleagues and collaborators from within and outside my home department at CUHK, and found them very welcoming, helpful, and ready to cooperate. I knew I’d enjoy working with them!

Hairong Lyu

Vice-Chancellor Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

It is attractive to start academia in CUHK. A free environment is cultivated to promote creativity and innovation, which are highly desired in chemical research. A platform for interdisciplinary collaborations provided by the university makes it feasible to apply seminal investigations in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Peifeng Ma

Vice-Chancellor Assistant Professor

Department of Geography and Resource Management

CUHK’s inclusive and supportive academic environment with unique satellite facilities allows me to explore cross-disciplinary research for carbon neutrality.

Xiaoxuan Wang

Vice-Chancellor Assistant Professor

Centre for China Studies

For a long time, CUHK is known for its China studies. I am honored to be part of this tradition. I look forward to participating in the interdisciplinary research and collaboration with my colleagues at the Centre for China Studies and throughout the campus, especially on mobility as well as religion in China.