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Vice-Chancellor Early Career Professorship Scheme
We invite outstanding young talents from around the world to join us...
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EAP Tips to Cope with Health-related Anxiety
5 Ways to Cope with Health-related Anxiety, Dr Dumo et al, Webinars…
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HRO-Q&As in the time of COVID-19
This set of HRO’s Q&A attempts to address HR-related matters in the time of COVID-19...(last updated on 12/3/2021)
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Long Service Award
The University presents Long Service Awards to recognise long-serving colleagues whose full-time University service in the award year has reached 15, 25 and 35 years respectively...
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Announcements & News

  • Review on Regulations Governing Outside Business Activity and Outside Practice (2021)
  • Advancement (ADV)/ Crossing of Pay Bands (CPB) and Extension of Service beyond Statutory Retirement Date (EXT)
  • Contract-end Gratuity and Retirement Benefits Provision for Terms of Service/Continuous Appointment (C) and Equivalent Staff
  • Enhanced Provisions of Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave
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