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EAP Tips to Cope with Health-related Anxiety
5 Ways to Cope with Health-related Anxiety, Dr Dumo et al, Webinars…
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HRO-Q&As in the time of COVID-19
This set of HRO’s Q&A attempts to address HR-related matters in the time of COVID-19...(last updated on 12/3/2021)
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Deployment of DUO 2FA in CUPIS for All CUHK Accounts from 2 February 2021
In accordance with the policy on "2FA for All CUHK Accounts" to strengthen access security, all CUHK staff are required to use DUO 2FA to log in their staff accounts...
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  • Advancement (ADV)/ Crossing of Pay Bands (CPB) and Extension of Service beyond Statutory Retirement Date (EXT)
  • Contract-end Gratuity and Retirement Benefits Provision for Terms of Service/Continuous Appointment (C) and Equivalent Staff
  • Enhanced Provisions of Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave
  • Approval Authorities for Academic/Research and Non-academic Appointments