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員工感謝日 Staff Appreciation Day 2022


‘December 16, 2022’ is designated as the CUHK’s Staff Appreciation Day 2022. As in the past years, the Committee on Positive Workplace and Staff Development (PWSD) will sponsor a small thankful gift for all full-time colleagues. This year, our staff thankful gift is a ‘desk calendar’. The gifts will be distributed to colleagues via their reporting departments/ units in early December.
Staff Appreciation Day 2022 Poster








As you will see, the desk calendar is a collection of colleagues’ entries to the Positive Workplace Theme Card Design Competition (2022) sharing their tips, favourite quotes or work mottos that foster a positive workplace.
[You may click here to view the album of all entries to the Positive Workplace Theme Card Design Competition (2022)]

In addition to its basic utilitarian purpose, the desk calendar serves to remind us to stay Happy, Healthy and Hopeful at the workplace every day in the New Year of 2023! It also serves as a convenient ‘message board’. On the last few pages of the calendar, there are three common messages: ‘In Meeting’, ‘On Leave’ and ‘Out on Business’ for us to enhance internal communication by informing team partners of our whereabouts . There is still a blank page on the ‘message board’. Let’s unleash our creativity and design our own message on it to add some fun and make it useful to you!