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Start-up Funds

To improve the University’s competitiveness in hiring new professoriate staff and to enhance our academic capacity, the University provides start-up funds to support research/teaching/professional activities of new appointees, e.g. hiring of research support staff, equipment and general expenses.


Named Professorships

Professoriate appointees with distinguished scholastic achievements may be awarded Named Professorships with support for their appointment-related activities.


Research Funding Opportunities


Research Personnel

Apart from invigorating input provided by postgraduate research students, there is dedicated support from research staff appointed to various ranks such as Research Assistant, Research Associate and Postdoctoral Fellow to buttress ongoing as well as new initiatives.

Teaching Resources

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Recognition for quality teaching and research work

Faculty members’ efforts for research excellence and quality teaching always receive the encouragement they well deserve; a few examples of sector-wide or institutional recognition are:

  • Research Excellence Award
  • Young Researcher Award
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award
  • Hong Kong University Grants Council - UGC Teaching Award